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"a" artists

Learn more about the artists whose work is featured on this site by clicking on the first letter of their last name and selecting their name from that list. These pages offer short biographies of the artists whose works are found in the galleries of this website, as well as artists whose works we have offered in the past or currently have in our extensive inventory. Many of the artists listed here have had long and prolific careers, participated in numerous exhibitions and have produced works that are desired by many collectors. However, some of the artists whose works are shown here are not listed in the big, heavy reference books of the accomplished and well-schooled. In fact, some of the artists were simply creative people with a passion for art who lived and worked in small towns or quiet neighborhoods of cities, acclaimed only by family and friends, but left a body of work that is only now becoming appreciated by a wider audience. If you recognize a name or the work of an artist you know about, but our biography is incomplete or incorrect, please contact us so that we can begin to accurately tell this person's story and share it with a new generation of collectors who cherish that artist's work in their home.