BHNY Fine Art


The FINCH Buzz ! 11.07.2013

Everybody’s talking about FINCH LIFE CURATED, the new home design store in Hudson, NY.  BHNY Fine Art congratulates FINCH for its most recent mentions in both the November and December issues of Architectural Digest.  The eclectic store has had great success since opening in May, and the buzz keeps growing.

Located at 613 Warren Street in Hudson, partners Andrew Arrick and Michael Hofemann have created a shopping experience that defies usual expectations, and FINCH has already become a big part of the Hudson Valley’s art and design scene.  Their vision offers exciting, innovative possibilities for living the beautiful life.  With everything from objects d’art and antiques to contemporary handcrafted furniture, they truly offer a life exquisitely curated.  Visit the store and prepare to be wowed.  And check out their website at