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Frank Moratz (1912-1990)

Frank Moratz was born Horst Franz Louie Moratz in Germany in 1912. He emigrated to England shortly before the start of WWII, transferring his studies to the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts. In 1942, Moratz and his wife established a painting studio, and he worked as a volunteer for the Red Cross, where he painted portraits of famous personalities that were auctioned to raise funds for the organization. In 1945, Moratz emigrated to the United States and officially changed his name to Frank Moratz. He continued to paint portraits, including those of Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, Mrs. Delano Roosevelt, and Lady Charles Cavendish (sister of Fred Astair). In addition to his work as an fine artist, Moratz also worked producing set designs, teaching art classes, and as a consultant for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Moratz and his wife founded the American Association of Conservators and Restorers. The Association educated restorers and was responsible for the preservation of many works in the New Jersey and New York area. Moratz died in 1990.